Give Thanks for Community Supported Agriculture

If you don’t have locally grown food as a part of your Thanksgiving feast today, you are missing out!

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great way for those with limited garden space to still eat locally, and support your local community and environment. Many small farmers grow more sustainably, and the food can be more healthful as well.

Here are some great articles on Community Supported Agriculture – learn more, and perhaps you can help support your community (and your family’s holiday table) through a CSA for a holiday feast sometime soon! (And be sure to check our Cooking From Scratch blog for some good CSA recipes – what to do with all those unusual veggies you aren’t normally exposed to?? All the more fun to experiment with, my dear!)

Have a wonderful, fun, warm, and filling Thanksgiving!

Small Space Gardening: Urban Agriculture and our CSA
My other sphere of activity is Urban Agriculture and our very small, experimental CSA. Three of us started doing Urban Agriculture (growing food in other people’s back yards) mid 2008 with the intention of learning how to grow our own …
Publish Date:
11/22/2010 19:06

Interesting article on farming and the development of CSA in
Interesting article on farming and the development of CSA in Taiwan Elizabeth Henderson: A CSA Mission to Taiwan : Chelsea Green Farmer and author Elizabeth Henderson, whose book is Sharing The Harvest: A Citizen’s …
Publish Date:
11/22/2010 14:13

Instead of a CSA, How About Agriculture-Supported Community
Jason Mark is a columnist for’s Sustainable Food cause. He is a co-author of Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grassroots and the editor of Earth Island Journa… Read more of this post, Instead of a CSA, …
Publish Date:
11/21/2010 11:12

Vegan Burnout: CSA Week 22: Fennelicious.
These last few CSA recaps are gonna be kind of weird, kids, because we did some random things with our produce. (Minds. Out of the gutter. Now!) So, here we go: Our first fennel! What an odd vegetable. It took me a little Internetting …
Publish Date:
11/22/2010 19:33

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