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To wrap up our short series this week on xeriscaping, here are some helpful articles on the topic. From description and benefits, to good plant choices, to gorgeous pictures of some lovely options for your xeriscape, you’re sure to find some good resources in the list below.

And feel free to post your own tips and ideas for xeriscaping or sustainable gardening below!

Xeriscaping Basics
In fact, you’re probably familiar with xeriscaping or you wouldn’t have found our site and this article you’re about to read, but just in case you stumbled here in some other way, let’s take a moment to talk about what xeriscaping is …
Publish Date:
11/12/2010 2:12

10 Best Plants for Xeriscaping – EcoSalon | Organic Green Fashion
You’re the perfect candidate for xeriscaping.As a desert dweller, I know firsthand that this eco-friendly method of gardening conserves water, requires minimal upkeep, significantly reduces your water bills and yields stunning greenery …
Publish Date:
03/23/2009 8:00

Bring the Green: Xeriscaping
your yard or garden means reducing or eliminating the need for irrigation. Here are some ways you can save water outside. Use native and adaptive plants for your region- use plants known to thrive naturally in your climate. …
Publish Date:
11/09/2010 11:07

New Choices Adolescents House

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The Principles of Xeriscaping
I have to admit that when I first moved to the desert and heard the word “Xeriscape“, I didn’t want anything to do with it. To me, at the time, I thought it meant zero plants and more rock. The fact of the matter is that xeriscaping can …
Publish Date:
11/03/2010 22:42

Xeriscaping and Stunning Desert Gardens that Save Water
, commonly known as drought tolerant gardening, can be spectacular and resource friendly if planned properly and maintained regularly.
Publish Date:
07/06/2010 23:55

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