Recent News in Hydroponic Gardening

As a follow up to our recent series on hydroponic gardening, here are a few other interesting articles. Gardening hydroponically can be particularly useful for those who have little or no traditional garden space.

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Part of becoming self-sufficient and responsible for our own food supply involves being able to grow at least a part of it ourselves. For city and apartment dwellers, this can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. Use of hydroponic techniques can allow one to successfully grow food indoors, and utilize the availability of vertical space.

How to Grow a Garden When You Have No Yard | Holistic Survival Show
There are some clear cut advantages to hydroponic gardening: 1. Allows urban dwellers to raise their own food, without a dedicated yard. 2. The nutrient solution recycles constantly through the closed system, which means less waste and …
Publish Date:
11/10/2010 15:49

Hydroponics and Indoor Hydroponic Gardening
Hydroponic gardening
is often defined as “the cultivation of plants in water.” Research has since determined that many different aggregates or media will support plant growth; therefore, the definition of hydroponic gardening has been …
Publish Date:
10/29/2010 19:20

Grow Lights for Hydroponics Gardening | MOJeDELO HOME IMPROVEMENT
One can enjoy hydroponics gardening any season of the year, but it is especially rewarding during the cold and dark winter days. Being a type of indoor gardening, this system implies growing of plants in a special growing medium, …
Publish Date:
11/10/2010 9:48

How Hydroponics Can Benefit Your Apartment Garden | Oh My Apartment
For lots of beginning gardeners who don’t have an accessible outdoor plot, hydroponics is the perfect solution for helping to get home-grown herbs and vegetables to the table without using a conventional.
Publish Date:
11/04/2010 12:35

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For more info on hydroponic gardening, check out our last few posts, or you can also find hydroponic gardening kits and supplies on


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