Tips on Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Sadly, no matter how much we may wish to deny it, winter is on its way, and will be here shortly (sooner for some of us than others). It’s always sad for me to say goodbye to my beautiful summer garden, although the fact that it’s not so beautiful anymore by now does help….

For those lucky enough to live in a climate where you can garden year-round, you may not have to worry about some of these things. But for many of us, the time has come to prepare our garden for its long rest over the winter months. (Meanwhile, we gardeners can dream, plan, and look forward to spring!)

Here are some recent articles with great tips on preparing your garden for winter:

Prepare the Organic Garden for Winter: Tips for Protecting Plants
Organic gardeners in Northern climates, high elevations, or a locale with cold temperatures, frost, or snow can minimize damage to plants with some preparation.
Publish Date:
09/01/2009 19:45

How to Prepare a Garden for Winter: Tips on Getting Outdoor
Properly winterizing a garden will prepare it for cold weather and snow, and lessen the amount of repairing and replanting that needs to be done in the spring.
Publish Date:
10/08/2009 12:20

Preparing the Herb Garden for Winter: Autumn and Early Winter
Find out how to prepare herb gardens to survive till spring in cold-winter climates.
Publish Date:
11/12/2008 11:08

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