Recent News on Sustainable Gardening in Schools

Nowhere is the message of sustainable gardening more important, than in the lessons we pass on to the next generation. Recent sustainable gardening movements have been initiated in more and more school environments, which is great news for our children and their future on our planet!  Educating our kids about how to grow their own food sustainably, and contribute to the health of themselves and the planet as a whole I believe is essential for creating a healthy future for us all.

Kihei Elementary School Garden

Image by kaiscapes via Flickr

Here is some recent news on sustainable gardening efforts for the next generation:

Success Stories Make a Case for Kids and Sustainable Gardening
Inspired by trailblazers, sustainable gardening programs at schools are on the rise.
Publish Date:
10/01/2010 8:45

Outreach Center continues fall program to teach sustainable
Mallon Outreach Center is continuing its campaign for more sustainable gardening through a six-week Fall Gardening School. The program, now in its fifth year, is designed to “extend university knowledge to the community by showing …
Publish Date:
09/24/2010 0:00

Organic choices for our schools
As Europe’s largest organic membership organisation and a registered charity, Garden Organic provides numerous resources for promoting the benefits of organic and sustainable gardening. Duchy Originals Garden Organic for Schools is a …
Publish Date:
08/10/2007 3:00

First school in the Boston area to grow food on its walls and
Open to the public, the event showcases the tremendous community effort and enthusiasm behind each public school garden in Cambridge. This year the celebration features free cider, cider making and local tomato salad; foods for sale such as soup, homemade bread, … Integrated into the curriculum, CitySprouts gardens inspire teachers, students, and families with a deep, hands-on connection to the food cycle, sustainable agriculture, and the natural environment. …
Publish Date:
10/01/2010 10:41

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