Helpful Composting Article for City Dwellers

For those who live in an urban (or even suburban) area, composting can be difficult, or even impossible…or so it seems.

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Here is a great article I found for those living in less compost-friendly areas. It provides some ideas and options for those of us without a lot of space to build a compost heap…or those worried about compost odors in your apartment complex!

Building Local Soil: Compost Pick Up Creates Soil From Food Scraps
Many people raise a stink about composting – although it diverts food waste from the landfill, it can be a challenge to compost without a little bit of a smell, even if it’s the odor of fresh soil. In local neighborhoods, outdoor compost bins are the norm, but bears, raccoons, rodents, and other animals love to visit them to have a little party of an evening. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to compost indoors with worm bins or to compost outdoors in a diligent, low-odor manner….

You can also find more sustainable gardening ideas and recommended composting tools/resources on our website at:

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