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Sorry for the lack of posts recently! It was a much busier summer than anticipated. It’s been a great garden season, except for the extreme lack of rain for the past month…. (Actually it’s drizzling a bit right now – for the first time in over 3 weeks!) Most everything is done now, but I’ve just planted my fall garden (salad and a few other greens), and some of the flowers are still going strong!

Here are a few good recent videos and articles on sustainable gardening practices to check out:

What is Urban Sustainable Living | Tallahassee Home and Garden
Patti Moreno the Garden Girl explains her Sustainable Living methods. Also check out
Publish Date:
09/11/2010 9:28

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Garden Plan – The Edible Garden series
Making The Edible Garden has been about finding a way to garden that is as gentle as possible upon the world. A garden that will please and feed me and still be a home for all others that visit it. By choosing to grow my vegetables
Publish Date:
09/11/2010 13:32

Survival Gardening Tips: Planting an Edible Food Garden at Home
WATER;in an emergency water supply will be crucial and a learning how to maximize that will take just as long as learning sustainable gardening. As for security, community with common interest will be key. Relocating might be an …
Publish Date:
09/11/2010 8:05

Sustainable Saturday – Gardening with Children: A Series
Saturday – Gardening with Children: A Series Documenting our Garden 2010 – The Finale. We’re nearing the end of our growing season . . . well we may still plant some fall lettuce and spinach, but the bulk of our harvest is …
Publish Date:
09/11/2010 7:30

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