Planning Your Summer Garden

If you happen to be like many of us you want a summer time garden plot to bring a little life to your landscape through these so very warm summer months. Many of us though, would like a garden that does not demand perpetual care or attention. That’s why proper planning becomes important in favor of developing a summer time garden of your dreams.

There are several things you will want to ask yourself while setting up your summer garden. Each of these items will to a certain extent shape the kind of  garden your garden will accommodate. To begin with, what space in your landscape would you want your summer season garden to fill and on the whole how significant is the area. The majority of us live in houses that have sadly insufficient gardening room these days. Because of this it is important to develop a sensible idea concerning how much of that prime area you are prepared to devote for a summer garden plot.

When you have decided how much space you might be prepared to commit to your garden plot you need to decide about the site. Location is essential to identify before beginning the preparation phase since you’ll have to to plan in respect to the site. You need to be able to resolve the next few questions as regards your garden location. How much uninterrupted sunlight will  the location

Spring greens

Mustard & kale in my early summer garden.

get in an average day of the week? Is this a spot that is generally wet or typically dry? And also how much filtered sunlight will  this portion of lawn see in any given day? These are things which are important since they will, for the most part, determine what sort of crops your sustainable garden will have the ability to contain. You additionally will need to understand a little about the topography for the spot as well. Is it flat, rock-strewn, or muddy? These answers will each bear a different and significant impact regarding the manner of garden that will be grown as well as measures you may need to undertake in order to make a summer garden work out in this specific place.

The next issue you may need to raise and then resolve prior to moving on to the preparation and shopping stage is how much time, on average, will you want to devote to your summer garden plot on a particular day of the week? Gardens often need tending and you should be ready to commit some time to keeping your garden in decent running order (although some certainly entail more maintenance than others.) You ought to hold a sensible idea of the amount of time and attention you will be ready to allot to making your sustainable garden the wonderful refuge it could be in mind before you make your mind up about the different types of plants or flowers that will comprise your summer garden.

You must furthermore keep in mind what kind of summer garden you wish to start. Do you want crisp produce, a flower garden, or would you only aim to add a little of added sparkle to your front lawn? Would you wish to add a water feature or have a sitting area?

When planning a summer garden you need to take into account all these questions and more. Another thing you may want to have in mind will be the local environment. Is it average, dry, wet, or cool most mornings? These questions could also have a fairly considerable effect on the sort of garden is suitable for your current setting.

Setting up a garden involves a great deal more than just strolling outside and just tossing some seeds over the soil. There is a significant amount of work that goes into setting up a flourishing summer season garden. Asking the right questions can be a helpful place to initiate this process. When you have discovered the answers it is time to start the more exciting elements of planning your garden plot, such as working up the soil and selecting what plants may presently dub your front lawn home. Just keep in mind that devoting careful attention to the fine points in advance will prevent a great deal of wasted time as well as money later.

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Happy Gardening, and stay tuned for  our next post, as we are going to do a brief series on natural pest control!



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